We are delighted to be working closely with experts in the field of EEG and epilepsy research from across Europe. Our collaborators include:

Professor Cristoph Michel and Dr Serge Vulliemoz from the Functional Brain Mapping Lab at the University Hospital of Geneva. Visit siteVisit lab
Professor John Terry from the University of Exeter. John Terry is Professor of Biomedical Modelling and Director of Research for the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. His lab focuses on research at the interface between mathematical modelling, experimental biology and clinical sciences with current emphasis on neurological disease and neuroendocrinology. Visit Biodynamics site
UNEEG medical are pioneering cognitive technologies designed to help and empower people. We create tiny implants that monitor and analyse brain activity to convey relevant information and issue alerts. Visit UNEEG medical site


Visitor programme

As part of our ongoing research in the field of epilepsy we have funds available to enable academic visits to King’s College London and the University of Exeter for periods of up to 6 months.

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