Clinical trial of new anti-epileptic drug

By January 25, 2018Events
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About the study:
We are conducting a trial to evaluate a new antiepileptic drug called XEN1101. In this study, we aim to determine how safe and well tolerated XEN1101 is in humans, how much XEN1101 enters the blood stream and how long it will remain in the body, and also, the effects of XEN1101 on the body.

What will participants be asked to do?
Healthy volunteers will complete two treatment periods to receive in a blinded fashion either a single dose of the study’s test drug (XEN1101) or a placebo (a ‘dummy pill’) in the first treatment period, followed by the opposite treatment in the second treatment period. Each treatment period is a 2-day stay (including an overnight stay) at the Clinical Research Facility of King’s College Hospital and the participants will be monitored closely for signs and symptoms. After completing the second treatment period, the participants will return to the clinic for a follow-up visit and will also receive a follow-up phone call to conclude the study participation.
Participants will be compensated proportionally to the time spent in the study in compliancewith the study protocol, for a total of £1300.

Who can take part?
Healthy, right-handed, male participants aged 18-55.
Eligibility for this study will be fully determined after a more in-depth screening session. If you are eligible to participate in the study you will attend a brief interview session with the study doctor, we will perform physical examinations, monitor vital signs, electrical activity of your heart and take blood and urine samples. TMS-EEG will be applied before and after drug intake. XEN1101 and placebo will be administered orally.

I am interested! What shall I do?

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Dr. Isabella Premoli.
Phone: 020 7848 5162

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Advertisement for recruitment of volunteers for study ref: 17/SC/0542, approved by BerkshireB research ethics committee, sponsored by Xenon Pharmaceutical with EudraCT number: 2017-003181-27.