Siti Nurbaya Yaakub

King’s College London

Siti is currently a third year PhD student supervised by Professor Mark Richardson. She is working on modelling macro-scale functional and structural brain networks in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy using EEG, fMRI and DTI.

Before joining Professor Richardson’s group, Siti was a research assistant at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, where she worked on the Longitudinal Youth At-Risk Study in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore and Duke University in the US. She also spent two years as a neuroimaging trainee at the GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre at Hammersmith Hospital, London (now known as Imanova Ltd.) where she was first introduced to the wonderful world of neuroimaging. Siti is a graduate in Chemical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.


  • BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore (2008)

Core expertise:

  • Resting state fMRI
  • Simultaneous fMRI and EEG
  • DTI
  • Graph theory
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy

Publications and Posters:

  • Paper: Yaakub SN, Dorairaj K, Poh,JS, Asplund CL, Lee J, Krishnan R, Keefe R, Adcock RA, Wood SJ, Chee MWL (2013). “Preserved working memory and altered brain activation in persons at risk for psychosis”, The American Journal of Psychiatry 170(11): 1297-1307
  • Poster: Yaakub SN, Dorairaj K, Poh,JS, Asplund CL, Lee J, Krishnan R, Keefe R, Adcock RA, Wood SJ, Chee MWL, “Individuals at risk for psychosis show altered brain activity during working memory task”, presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, June 10-14, 2012.
  • Poster: Yaakub SN, Beaver JD, Searle GE, Gunn RN, Beckmann CF, Nathan P, Hill SP, Matthews PM, Bullmore ET, Rabiner EA, Long CJ, “Multimodal Integration of Resting State BOLD Connectivity and PET Measures by means of Image Regression: A μ-Opioid Case Study Featuring [11C]Carfentanil”, presented at the Second Biennial International Conference on Resting-State Functional Brain Connectivity, September 16-19, 2010.
  • Paper: Yeo BT, Krienen FM, Eickhoff SB, Yaakub SN, Fox PT, Buckner RL, Asplund CL, Chee MW (2014). “Functional Specialization and Flexibility in Human Association Cortex” Cerebral Cortex, Advance online publication, doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhu217
  • Poster: Yaakub SN, O’Muircheartaigh J, Vollmar C, Barker G, Koepp M, Richardson M, “Altered Network Hubs in Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy”, presented at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, December 4-8, 2015.