EVENT: Advanced TMS Techniques, 19 November 2019

By April 11, 2019Events

Advanced TMS Techniques: TMS-EEG Acquisition & Analysis
Delegate Rate: £500 – £600 +VAT
Venue: Rogue Resolutions, Cardiff

This 2.5-day workshop for advanced TMS users is run in collaboration with some of the world’s leading TMS-EEG researchers and data analysis software experts. The practical workshop will feature talks and discussions that will provide a solid grounding in the theory and understanding of these techniques, and is designed to equip all delegates with the knowledge required to design, set up, run, and analyse the resulting data from a TMS-EEG study.

The workshop programme covers:

  • An overview and introduction to the basic physiology and principles of TMS-EEG
  • In-depth, practical sessions detailing TMS and EEG hardware and software setup and looking at TMS waveform variability (monophasic vs biphasic) using multiple physiological measures
  • Experimental design discussions, assisting delegates in planing and executing a full TMS-EEG research programme
  • Hands-on, practical sessions to gain firsthand experience of TMS-EEG protocols
  • Data export and analysis with various programmes including TruScan Explorer, EEGLAB, and BESA Research
  • Question and answer sessions

The workshop will be led by members of the Brainbox team with assistance from Dr Nigel Rogasch (via video link) (Monash University), Dr Isabella Premoli (KCL), and Dr Mateusz Rusiniak (BESA GmbH). Please note that this is an advanced TMS workshop, and a good working knowledge of transcranial magnetic stimulation or electroencephalography is required to attend this event. For those looking for an introduction to transcranial magnetic stimulation, please consider our Fundamentals & Applications of TMS Workshop.

All delegates should ensure that they have access to a remote license of MATLAB in order to participate in the practical sessions of the workshop. For the purposes of the programme, Rogue Resolutions will provide a trial BESA license to attendees of the workshop.