For Those Living With Epilepsy: Have Your Say in Shaping the Future of Epilepsy Research

By December 7, 2020research news

“If your life has been interrupted by epilepsy You could shape the future of research.”

Imagine living with the threat of having a seizure every day. A seizure that can happen at any time and in any place, whether you are driving your car, playing with your children, or presenting at an event. If you are a person living with epilepsy this is your reality. Epilepsy interrupts lives. Seizures cause interruptions that impact virtually every life choice – education, careers and even the decision to ‘risk’ pregnancy to start a family. Tragically for some, lives are interrupted for ever with 21 epilepsy-related deaths every week in the UK.

“Epilepsy interrupts the lives of ordinary, extraordinary people. It’s invisible. It’s unpredictable. It’s frightening.”

For all these people, Epilepsy Research UK (ERUK) have launched a campaign ‘#ALifeInterrupted’. This campaign seeks to ‘highlight the disruptive, interruptive impact of epilepsy, address the inequalities in research funding and calls on people affected by epilepsy to shape the future of research’. ERUK are seeking direct involvement from people who live with epilepsy to move towards these goals.

You can read more about the campaign on the Launch Report, watch inspiring films and also use the social banner to share this message.

Finally, you can have your say in the future of vital epilepsy research by completing this short questionnaire.

A life free from epilepsy is possible. But only through research. “

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Epilepsy Research UK

Have Your Say- Questionnaire

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