Epilepsy and the science of wiring and firing in the brain: Utopia 2016

By August 31, 2016October 7th, 2016Events

Epilepsy and the science of wiring and firing in the brain

14th September – 2nd October, Inigo Rooms, East Wing Somerset House

How is your brain wired up?

Richardson Lab is proud to present an audio-visual installation that brings together MRI and EEG imaging, at once clinically informative and optically breathtaking, and deeply personal stories from epilepsy patients in a fusion of light and sound that permits us to delve into the enigmas of cognitive function and discover the synaptic pathways that make each of our brains unique.

Epilepsy is a severely misunderstood condition that affects one in every hundred people in the UK. Richardson Lab aims to map the brain almost as a programmer might map a circuit board or a cartographer a web of streets, visualising the brain as a network of wired connections, so as to understand where and how epilepsy is generated in the brain, and more importantly, how it can be treated.

The Richardson Lab are collaborating with the Utopia Lab to bring an art installation at that reflects both the science involved in the Richardson Lab projects including neuroimaging techniques (MRI and EEG) together with the patients and their relatives/carers who have taken part in research studies.
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