Dr Wei Liao

Hello, my name is Dr Wei Liao and I work at Hangzhou Normal University. My interests are:

  • Human Brain Network: Mapping of the intrinsic/anatomical connectivity network and functional covariance networks using resting-state fMRI, diffusion tensor imaging tractography and structural morphology.
  • Directed Influence Brain Network: Studying the network architecture of the directed influence brain network at modular and large-scale using Granger causality analysis.
  • Dynamic Brain Connectome: Development of an open-source MATLAB toolbox DynamicBC for tracking brain dynamics using functional MRI.

I visited the Richardson Lab at the end of 2014 to plan future research collaborations.

Sara Carlesso

Hello, my name is Sara Carlesso. I obtained the BA degree in Psychological Science and the MD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Padua, Italy. My interests are in Clinical psychology; and EEG. As part of my BA degree, I performed a clinical internship at the Mental Health Service (Bassano del Grappa, Italy). In addition I have been involved in a research project, which was aiming to investigate the joint action of cognitive tasks and body position (sitting or bedridden) on resting state cortical activity, with a particular focus on Delta activity. I am currently a research trainee (March – August 2015) at the Richardson Epilepsy Lab. I am investigating, together with Dr Isabella Premoli, antiepileptic drug activity by combining TMS and EEG recording.

Tay Netoff

My name is Tay Netoff. I am a visiting professor from University of Minnesota on my sabbatical. I came to work with Professors Mark Richardson and John Terry to study network approaches for identifying a seizure focus from stimulated intracranial EEG recordings in patients with epilepsy. The focus of this study is to generate models, based on patient data, of how activity initiated by stimulation propagates through the brain. Then, we aim to use that model to identify areas that are both highly excitable and influential as potential markers of the seizure focus. I have had a great time working with both Prof. Terry’s team at the University of Exeter and Prof. Richardson’s team at KCL, as well as enjoying Exeter and London with my family.


Our projects

Our current epilepsy research projects involves the acquisition and collation of clinical data via MRI, EEG and TMS. You can read more by visiting the current projects area of this website.

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